Remodeling Arlington Texas

roof leaksI am a property owner in Arlington Texas and I am always looking to have various type of remodeling done on my house. I have a house that my grandmother built in the early 60’s and it was built very well. However, it this point there are things going wrong with the house nearly every month. We have terrible windows that are terribly insulated. I think the walls and attic are pretty well insulated but the windows let a lot of cold and hot air into the house. If we replaced these windows it would help so much when we have severe weather. We also have lots of flooring issues with the house. My grandmother did not spend a lot of money on the flooring as there is cheap kitchen flooring, wood floors that are half completed with large rugs to cover the unfinished spots. There was good carpet placed in the home but we have replaced that just to get rid of the smell when we first moved into the house almost 3 years ago. My wife just told me that she would like for me to get a remodeling project started next week for out anniversary. She literally just told me this and I couldn’t think of a project that could possibly be completed in less than a few days. I would love to spend some money on professional remodeling in Arlington Texas since that is where we live and I actually know a lot of very good people that could do this whole house for us.  I have painted several rooms in the first year of living here but I got really burned out on the painting after a few months. There is still a lot of painting to do in the house and especially on all the trim/molding parts. Most of the places that I did paint I failed to finish the trim just because I was lazy and did not want to spend the time to finish the trim.  I guess I should clarify that I did all the trim in most rooms but did not do crown molding. We also have issues with the exterior remodeling. We have facia boards that need terribly to be replaced. This trim around the house is nearly falling off it is so badly rotted.  I think everyone need to get their house remodeled to some degree or another. There are a lot of different things we can do to our houses and sometime they are urgent such as foundation problems and sometime it would just be a project for the purpose of updating the homes we live in.


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