Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy (Pediatric Therapy)

pediatrictherapy12There are all different kinds of therapy these days that you may have heard someone talking about- hydro therapy, gene therapy, radiation therapy, heat therapy, play therapy, or dance therapy. One of the more well recognized therapies however, is speech therapy. Many of us know someone or have been someone who has gone to speech therapy. Usually speech therapy is started at a young age when it is recognized that a child does not speak in a way that is easily understandable, or when parents or teachers recognize a minor issue with the way a child is speaking.

Speech therapy is performed for a variety of reasons. Slight variations in craniofacial characteristics and physical development can cause difficulty for some children to produce sounds that are common in their language. Other times, there may be an underlying neurological issue like nerve damage or developmental delays. Another factor could be if the child suffered from hearing loss at some point. Other causes include: Autism, Down Syndrome, or some kind of traumatic brain injury. Many children who undergo speech therapy have no other major medical issues in their life and lead a very normal lifestyle. Other times speech impediments are just one of many issues that the child has to grow up dealing with. Some adults elect to receive speech therapy but the majority of speech therapists or speech language pathologists specialize in pediatrics.

Speech therapist will focus on many different parts of speech including, but not limited to, mouth shape when making sounds, muscles in the mouth, the pitch of the voice, how the patient breaths when they talk, grammar, and even possible social situation and their effect on the speaker.

Pediatric speech therapists ( usually very friendly people who enjoy empowering their patients to be able to communicate better. Just like learning a new language is a very useful skill, learning to use your own language well is just as important. And speech therapy can be very helpful in bringing people to a place where they can communicate effectively.

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