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Chemicals Involved in Keeping Your Pool Clean

poolcleanerstaffWhen you try to break into the world of pool ownership you rarely think about all the research you may need to do or the fact that you may feel like you need some kind of chemistry degree to figure out and decipher the proportions and amounts of the chemicals you’ll be adding. However, maintaining a balanced and clean pool chemical level doesn’t have to be that difficult.

First you’ll have to decide if you have any kind of preference as far as the chemicals you’ll be using. Some people have allergies to certain chemicals and so you have a few options when it comes to what you’ll use to keep your pool pristine and clean.

Chlorine is the most common chemical in anyone’s pool cleaning arsenal. There are many different kinds of chlorine and you’ll probably choose which kind is best for you based on your budget, the size of your pool, and how often you want to be adding it. Some of these different kinds of chlorine are:

  • Chlorine sticks- they are very slow dissolving which means you have to add them less frequently.
  • 3-inch chlorine tablets- these are also slow dissolving and generally the most popular type of chlorine used probably because they are almost always the least expensive. They take slightly less time to dissolve than the sticks, but the difference in price may justify a little more work depending on your budget.
  • Granular chlorine- this is chlorine that has a sand-like texture. You’ll usually dissolve it in water and then pour it into the pool. It has to be added almost every day, so it takes a little more consistency on the part of the pool owner.

In addition to chlorine, most people add cyanuric acid, calcium hypochlorite, or sodium hypochlorite make sure the chlorine still works when it has been exposed to sunlight.

Some people are leaning towards more natural cleaners these days including converting their pools to saltwater pools. Saltwater pools will still have filters that convert some of the salt into chlorine gas, but in general they are a more “natural” option and do not require you as a pool owner to buy and store lots of chemicals.

There are also many proprietary non-chlorine options for cleaning your pool.

If you are having trouble keeping your pool clean and clear, it is a good idea to look for a local pool cleaning service. I have a Pool Service in Arlington, Texas (www.poolserviceinarlingtontx.com) that I can’t say enough good about. They are top shelf service and I wish I had found then sooner.  Even if you don’t hire them to clean your pool long term, they can give you valuable advice on how and how often to clean your pool. They are also great resources for you if you need to find a distributor or retail location to purchase your chemicals.

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